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 Destination: Paris! – illustrated novel and film

When American millennials Chloe, Sofia and Lizzy arrive in Paris, the city’s all-pervasive magic immediately touches them but seems to transport them to precisely where they don’t want to be. Overwhelmed by new feelings about what true happiness looks like, the three women try desperately to hang on to their familiar lives, but the “city of love” throws a wrench in the works – and the women are challenged to make new decisions that will change their lives forever.




Life Builders – comedy show

Life Builders

British life coach Marion Walker is sent to LA to take charge of a failing life coach practice, but right from the get-go, she faces some tough challenges. Her new colleagues, totally befuddled by her British prudishness, don’t take her seriously at all and refuse outright to adjust to her way of working. However, Marion has an even more serious challenge to overcome: She has to keep her sexual needs under control and resist the numerous daily temptations she encounters.




Fabulous Vegan Food Guide – travel guide

Together with my Parisian friend Ophélie I go in search of the best and most remarkable vegan restaurants in the ten most visited European cities. We share all our culinary adventures with you so that you will know exactly where to find the most delightful vegan hotspots on your own city trips.